Aromatherapy Bath Salt Recipe

Water has several powerful therapeutic benefits. After all, it isn’t called miracle water for nothing. When you combine the powers of water with that of aromatherapy essential oils, the therapeutic benefits of both are multiplied and so intensified that the combination has become the basis of many powerful therapeutic treatments.

There are numerous types of aromatherapy bath salt recipes administered at spas, Ayuverdic and holistic centers, and health clinics around the world. Even sports therapy clinics use some aromatherapy bath salt recipes to help patients recover from joint and muscle injuries.

Dermatologists sometimes recommend aromatherapy bath salt recipes for patients with psoriasis, eczema, and other dry skin conditions.

For hundreds of thousands of years, aromatherapy bath salt recipes have been used by people not just for aesthetic purposes to enhance the skin but for healthful reasons as well. Aromatherapy bath salt recipes contain essential oils that are beneficial to the body, helping to enhance and improve health and well-being.

You can try aromatherapy bath salt recipes at home as well. With just a few ingredients handy, those powerful therapeutic benefits could be yours. Below are some samples of aromatherapy bath salt recipes you can try out.

Aromatherapy Bath Salt Recipe: Salt Glow

Use the following ingredients for this aromatherapy bath salt recipe: 1 cup fine bath salt, 4oz grapeseed oil (1/2 cup), 2oz avocado oil (1/4 cup), 1 T d-alpha Tocopheral Vitamin E, and 20-30 drops essential oil blend.

Mix all oils together and pour mixture into a storage jar made of glass with an airtight seal. Slowly add salt and mix well. The Salt Glow aromatherapy bath salt recipe should be stored in a cool dark place to maximize shelf life.

Aromatherapy Bath Salt Recipe: Bath Teas

Use the following ingredients for this aromatherapy bath salt recipe: ½ cup coarse bath salt, sweet orange essential oil, dried lavender buds, dried chamomile flowers, and large 3×5 inch tea bags (or Organza or Muslin bags).

Add essential oil to salt and mix well. Next, add dried herbs and stir to combine. Fill each tea bag with approximately 4oz of this aromatherapy bath salt recipe mixture. Package the bags individually and use plastic to seal it.

This will prevent the scent from leaking out. To use, simply toss one bag into warm bath water. As the tea bag seeps the salts will melt and the fragrance from the essential oils and herbs will disperse. When done, throw the tea bag away.