Aromatherapy Nebulizer Diffuser

The science of aromatherapy has long been in practice. What started out as an expression of religious fervor in the form of incense sticks burned in temples, became a way to improve well-being and enhance healthy. Aromatherapy is also used for its apparent physical benefits in keeping the skin and the hair healthy.

There are many methods by which you can practice aromatherapy. You can add a few drops of aromatherapy oils into your bath before soaking your body in the soothing warm water.

You can steam the oils and inhale them to relieve tension or congestion. Aromatherapy can even be as simple as lighting a candle and allowing the aroma of the oils to fill the room.

Perhaps, the simplest method of practicing aromatherapy is through a process called diffusion. In diffusion, devices are often used in order to fill the room with the rich aroma of essential oils so you can inhale its therapeutic benefits.

Aromatherapy diffusers vary from the simple to the elaborate. You can even fashion one for yourself by using things and materials already existing in the household. A piece of tissue for example may be used to diffuse aroma into the room by simply adding a few drops of essential oils on its surface and letting the air absorb its natural fragrance.

You can also purchase aromatherapy diffusers. There are many kinds actually and one such kind is the aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser. Aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser is a device that takes essential oils and breaks them into separate molecules. The aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser will then disperse these smaller molecules into the room, filling it with the natural fragrance of essential oils.

The smaller molecules emitted by aromatherapy nebulizer diffusers are more readily absorbed by the lungs. Thus, aromatherapy nebulizer diffusers create greater therapeutic value than by use of other diffusion methods where the oil molecules are not as easily absorbed.

An aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser device is small, about 8” x 4” x 6”. This device consists of two main parts. The first part of an aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser is usually a base made of plastic which contains the motor.

The aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser also has a clear, blown-glass looking device. This is the part that holds and “nebulizes” the essential oils. Instead of the use of the unusual glass piece, some aromtehrapy nebulizer diffusers use a special bottle that looks like a Boston round bottle.

The main advantage of aromatherapy nebulizer diffuser is that it can supply greater therapeutic benefit compared to other diffusers. This is because they break the oils down into smaller molecules which make it easier for the lungs to absorb.