New Method Pilates Workout Tapes

Want to have more energy and strength, and look and feel great? If so, then the Method Pilates, which was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in 1921 but gained strong popularity throughout the world these days is no doubt a perfect option for you.

There are a handful of fundamental skills that everyone must learn before they can reap the full benefit of the Method. Fortunately, a number of new Method Pilates workout tapes are now coming out in the market. These new Method Pilates workout tapes are even available on the web and they provide great Pilates workouts that you can do even in the privacy of your own home.

Although not as good as a private Method Pilates class, the new Method Pilates workout tapes are convenient enough and much more affordable than taking a Pilates session. They also allow you to sample different types of the Method much more easily than you otherwise could.

Now, if you are serious with your search, I have here below some of the new Method Pilates workout tapes that could help you strengthen and condition your body. They are now available both online and offline.

The Method Cardio Flex Band Workout Video

The Method Cardio Flex Band Workout is a total body workout that focuses on the cardio and body toning. According to some reviews, there are multiple sections full of energy to keep your body moving through the entire program. And, as one of the popular new Method Pilates workout tapes, the Cardio Flex Band combines upper and lower body workouts with great music including salsa and mambo sections.

The Method Core Ball Workout Video

Here is another well-known product in the line of new Method Pilates workout tapes that promises to condition the core of your body. This video is deemed as a great way to work out your upper body, lower body, abs and core, while focusing on breathing and inner strength. Note that core is the center of the body. It is where the center of gravity of our body is located and where all movements begin. In this particular new Method Pilates workout tape, an 8 pounds core ball is used and the workout consists of three sections plus a bonus Ab Blast. With this video, you will feel great, strengthen your core and obtain the results you have been looking for.

A.M. and P.M. Pilates Mat Workouts

This product is actually a two-part fitness video is deemed perfect for those with a budy schedule who still want to fit in a daily dose of invigorating Method Pilates exercise. In the first part of this new Method Pilates workout tape, you are required to wake up with a 25-minute, low impact Pilates mat workout. Then, the second part of this new Method Pilates workout tape is designed for the evening session, just to unwind tense muscles and soothe the nervous system at the end of the day.

There are other new Method Pilates workout tapes available in the market these days, and these above mentioned three products are the top-rated tapes available. The importance of these new Method Pilates workout tapes lies on the fact that whether you are new to the Method or have been practicing for years, it is your mastery of the fundamentals that produces a strong, sleek and more flexible body. So learn the Method through these tapes.