Questions to Ask an Instructor of Pilates Method in Florida

As you may know, thousands of people across the state are now strengthening their bodies and minds, and at the same time losing weight with the help of Pilates exercises, the worldly-acclaimed fitness trend. The Pilates Method, originally developed by Joseph Pilates, is now considered as the fastest growing fitness trend in decades, with a number of Hollywood celebrities publicly touting its benefits.

Being so popular not only in Florida, but in many other parts of the world, many exercise instructors and physical therapists are now incorporating the principles of the Pilates Method into their programs. In recent years, there has been a propagation of the systems based on the Pilates Method in Florida.

This spread is said to be an addition to the approach espoused by the graduates of Joseph Pilates’ original studio, which is located in New York. Well, probably you’ve already heard one or two of these varieties of Pilates Method in Florida, such as the Power Pilates, Stott Pilates, Balanced Body Pilates, Physical Mind Pilates and Yogalates.

Aside from that fact, more and more people in the state of Florida alone are claiming to be Pilates instructors. However, according to the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), the international non-profit and professional association that forms certification and continuing standards for Pilates professionals, at least 25 percent of these people have not been properly trained.

If that is the case, then it is very important to look for a certified Pilates instructor because if you are working with an instructor of Pilates Method in Florida who doesn’t have adequate training, there is a possibility for you to run an incredible risk of getting hurt.

It is also important to note that the Pilates Method in Florida is not just something that you start doing one day. You have to make sure that you deal with an instructor of Pilates Method in Florida who really understands the method and of course knows how to make the Pilates exercises work for you. Note that the Pilates Method, if done correctly, greatly strengthens tones and stretches the body. It even encourages proper breathing and facilitates good posture.

Now, if you are really interested to find the best instructor of Pilates Method in Florida, here are some guide questions you should ask an instructor before signing up for their class or session:

1. What kind of training did you go through and where?
2. How much time was spent in your original Pilates training?
3. How long have you been teaching Pilates Method in Florida and in other areas?
4. Is your program comprehensive in nature or you are just focusing on the Pilates mat work?
5. Do you understand the body or have basic knowledge of kinesiology and biomechanics?
6. Do you understand the aging process?
7. Do you pay close attention to safety and guidelines?
8. Does the facility where you teach practice safety standards for group classes?
9. Are you committed to continuing education?
10. Are you affiliated with a professional organization like the Pilates Method Alliance?

Just note these questions and see if the instructor claiming as professional of Pilates Method in Florida is honest with his or her answers. Just be careful.