The Fundamentals of Joseph Pilates Method of Training

Many people today are fond of getting an exercise for maintaining their body figure. Some want to condition their bodies so to look healthier and sexy. There are also others who do the swimming or stay in the gym just to obtain their ideal body stature.

Well, we all dream and often look forward to an exercise program that will always engage us and leave us refreshed and alert with a feeling of mental and physical well-being in the end. Fortunately, there is now an ultimate fitness trend that could lead you to the attainment of such dream – Joseph Pilates Method of training.

Joseph Pilates Method of training, on its most basic, is a kind of exercise system that focuses on enhancing the strength and flexibility for the total body without building a weight. However, there is much to it than its being a form of exercise. The Joseph Pilates Method of Training is a series of controlled movements that engages both your body and mind. These controlled movements are usually done on specifically designed exercise apparatus and guided by the trained Pilates teachers.

The Origin of Pilates Method

Joseph Pilates Method of training was developed in 1920s by Joseph Pilates himself. He was actually a performer and a boxer who lives in England in year 1914, and it was during the outbreak of the World War I that Joseph Pilates was placed under the forced internment along the other German nationals in Lancaster, England.

There he taught his fellow camp members about his concepts and exercises that were developed through self-study and apprenticeship in yoga, Zen, and the ancient Roman and Greek physical regimens. Just then, he started devising the system of original exercises, now known as the mat work.

Benefits of Pilates Method

As often maintained by the practitioners of Joseph Pilates Method of training, the series of movements involved in the approach provide a refreshing and energizing workout where it gives balance and physical harmony for people of different genders and ages, even those who have physical conditions.

There are several sessions maintained under Joseph Pilates Method of training. Basically, you will be asked to start a one-on-one session with a certified teacher of Joseph Pilates Method of training. Sometimes, this is done in close and well-supervised small groups. Also, the sessions are fitted perfectly for your specific needs.

Another worth noting fact about Joseph Pilates Method of training is that it can also be the dominant mode of body conditioning as well as injury prevention. It is now even highly integrated into the rehabilitative exercise and physical therapy programs that are designed to a speed recovery of soft tissue injuries.

Aside from that, Joseph Pilates Method of training can be used by pregnant women in order for them to learn the proper breathing and body alignment. Experts even reported that Joseph Pilates Method of training can improve concentration among pregnant women and recovers the body shape and tone of women after pregnancy.

With all those benefits, it’s no wonder that Joseph Pilates Method of training is now acclaimed by millions of people around the world as the best fitness trend ever developed.