What to Expect in Fitness Pilates Method

The Pilates, pronouced Puh-LAH-teez, has long been considered as the most effective, unique method of body conditioning that integrates muscle control, proper breathing, flexibility, strength training, and body awareness. Originally developed by a legendary performer and boxer Joseph Pilates, the fitness Pilates Method has gone mainstream. It is now performed by people of all ages and gender, from the Hollywood stars to your next door neighbor.

The fitness Pilates method basically features a series of more than 500 fitness exercises. These are controlled movements that are performed very slowly coupled with an intense concentration, but with little repetitions. The primary aim of these controlled movements is to strengthen and stabilize the so-called “powerhouse of the anatomy” – the core muscles of the abdomen, lower back, and buttocks which enable the rest of the body to move freely.

Now, what you can expect from fitness Pilates Method knowing that it is composed of more than 500 exercises?

Because the fitness Pilates Method has a series of controlled movements, it would take time for the Pilates beginners to learn the basics. So, experts often recommend starting out with one-on-one instruction with a certified fitness Pilates Method teacher. Although many of the fitness Pilates Method centers and studios offer only mat classes, it is still best to try Pilates using an apparatus. This is no doubt a good way to learn the fitness Pilates Method in its purest form.

Also, expect that a typical Pilates session lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. Your workout will also be tailored to your individual needs. Then, there is usually no special clothing required other than the comfortable attire. During the first session of you fitness Pilates Method class, your instructor will introduce you to the apparatus and provide you an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the human body. Along with this, you will formulate some goals.

In fitness Pilates Method, the first piece of equipment you are likely to encounter is the Universal Reformer. This equipment resembles a single-bed frame with a sliding, padded carriage. Also, it features adjustable springs that regulate tension as well as resistance. There are also cables, bars, pulleys and straps that allow you to push or pull with your hands and feet.

Guided by your instructor, you will start off with the simple movements of the fitness Pilates Method. Gradually, you will be ask to progress to the more advanced exercises. Then, you will start lying down, with your back on the carriage, your shoulders in front of the two supports and your feet placed on a foot bar or plate. From this position, you will perform a series of abdominal or leg strengthening Pilates movements. As you gain strength, you’ll begin to work with your hands and knees, all the while very slowly and smoothly.

After spending some time on the reformer, your fitness Pilates instructor will introduce you to the other Pilates apparatuses. And, as you improve, the time spent on each exerciser will get faster and faster. Note that in fitness Pilates Method, it is always the quality of your movements that is crucial.

For a novice of Pilates, it usually takes about six weeks of twice-weekly sessions for the subtleties of the movements to become second nature. But, once you have thoroughly learned the Pilates techniques by working on the machines, you may be able to attain the same results working on the mats.