Writing Systems

Writing is an art of communication which involves the presentation of a written language using symbols and words. Writing systems are no less than ways of rendering a written language into a more understandable form that will eventually be understood by others separated by vast space and time. Writing is therefore a way of expressing a message, a story, a hypothesis or an idea, an argument.

There are various different kinds of writing systems. In the West, writing systems are primarily based on Latin, Greek, Arabic and Sanskrit. In Asia, writing systems also include Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese.

The basic function of writing systems is to simplify communication. They facilitate the exchange of information through the medium of writing. Thus, writing systems have played a vital role in the development of the Western civilization.

Today writing systems are widely used in schools, businesses and in research. For example, in the medical field, a writing system may comprise a series of hand-written notes and medical dictations made by a physician in the course of his professional activity. Likewise, a simple computerized machine may be an effective writing system for making a personal diary.

There are several reasons why writing systems have become so popular. It is believed that writing systems help people to express their ideas or thoughts clearly and concisely, thus enabling people to communicate with each other.

Writing systems may be classified as formal, informal and conversational. For example, there are two writing systems in English: the first system, known as standard English, includes the rules for grammar and sentence structure. The second, colloquial English, allows for creative expression and use of personal vocabulary. Finally, informal writing systems include everyday writing. Conversational writing systems include letters, emails, chat lines and the like.

In order to determine which type of writing systems is appropriate, a writer needs to analyze the context. A writer may need to study the style and the structure of writing in a particular writing system. In general, the structure of the written text is taken into consideration. In colloquial writing systems, it is common for sentences to have short introductory sentences (often known as a), which provide the listener with information and answer questions (as a) and end with a question (as questions).

In addition to providing information, the meaning of the written material is also given in writing systems. Thus, the purpose of the sentence is also important in determining the type of writing system to be employed. Informal writing systems are used in newspapers, journals, books and other such written materials to provide information, while colloquial writing systems are used to make personal or private statements.

A writer may use different writing systems depending on the type of language he writes in. One can also work on a combination of the three writing systems, as in formal, informal and conversational writing systems. This will depend on the audience. For example, when writing a report to be submitted for a professor, a writer may use standard English, colloquial English and conversational English in order to express the ideas in the report clearly.

Another way to determine the type of writing systems is to consider the purpose of the writing itself. For example, some writers write for students and teachers while others work on a collaborative basis with colleagues and friends.

Writing systems allow authors to express themselves creatively and express their ideas and thoughts clearly. Although it is easy to understand written texts, a writer cannot always use the same words to communicate his thoughts. However, by using different writing systems, a writer can effectively communicate his ideas to readers in various ways.

There are many types of writing systems that can be used for different purposes. Different writing systems are available depending on the nature of the material that is being written.